Air factory UI Air factory icon
Air factory
Air factory
Metal cost Metal icon 720
Health points 6000
Maximum range 0
Total damage/sec 0
Vision radius 100
Radar radius 0
Number of weapons 0
Range -
Damage Damage/sec -
Single shot damage -
Rate of fire -/sec
Splash Area damage -
Damage radius -
Muzzle velocity -
Ammo build cost Energy icon -
Ammo build time -min -sec
Build points 12
Metal consumption Metal icon -12/sec
Energy consumption Energy icon -675/sec
Metal production Metal icon 0
Energy production Energy icon 0
Metal storage Metal icon 0
Energy storage Energy icon 0
Stats are relative to the build 71937 of the game

Basic manufacturing - Builds air units.

Description Edit

The air factory is a basic building that can produce the following air-unit:

The building itself has no offensive or defensive system.This building will allow you to maintain air superiority over the planet. After building the fabrication aircraft you will be able to build the Advance air factory which can produce more powerful aircraft.

Built by Edit

It can be built by nearly all fabrication units: