• Hartmde

    Some gameplay basics covered (including starting out, units, tactics, and end game).

    Where to Start on Planetary Annihilation

    Cliff notes are posted below (more "proper" text guide will be added at another time.

    • ·         Galactic War is a great place to start so you can learn new tech slowly instead of the all at once in skirmishes

    ·         Start economy and build army

    ·         Economy bar at the top, 2 resources Metal and Energy

    ·         Metal is used to create units at a fixed cost. Each unit/building costs a specific amount of metal always

    ·         Energy is used to power certain builds/units (factories, fabricators, radars, teleportors, bomber due to ammo system) that varies per second

    ·         Commander is most efficient, then bot/vehicle fab…

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