Bumblebee UI Bumblebee icon
Metal cost Metal icon 240
Health points 100
Maximum range 10
Total damage/sec 1500
Vision radius 200
Maximum speed 75
Acceleration 75
Braking rate 20
Turning rate 75
Number of weapons 1
Range 10
Damage Damage/sec 1500
Single shot damage 150
Rate of fire 10/sec
Splash Area damage 75
Damage radius 10
Muzzle velocity 15
Energy consumption/shot Energy icon 750/sec
Build points 0
Metal consumption Metal icon 0/s
Energy consumption Energy icon 0/s
Energy production Energy icon 0/s
Stats are relative to the build 71937 of the game

Bomber - Equipped with basic anti-land and anti-naval bombs.

Description Edit

This air unit is a bomber. It's capable to release 10 bombs per pass on land or see objectives. It's slow and has no anti-air weaponry.

Built by Edit

Tips Edit

  • Due to the absence of a defense system, bombers are weak against fighters. Common use is escort bombers with some fighters for maximum effectiveness.
  • More effective against buildings or slow units. Fast units are quite difficult to be hit by the bombs.