Fabrication aircraft UI Fabrication aircraft icon
Fabrication aircraft
Fabrication aircraft
Metal cost Metal icon 200
Health points 25
Maximum range 0
Total damage/sec 0
Vision radius 100
Maximum speed 35
Acceleration 180
Braking rate 35
Turning rate 180
Number of weapons 0
Range -
Damage Damage/sec -
Single shot damage -
Rate of fire -/sec
Splash Area damage -
Damage radius -
Muzzle velocity -
Energy consumption/shot Energy icon -
Build points 9
Metal consumption Metal icon -9/sec/s
Energy consumption Energy icon -1100/sec/s
Energy production Energy icon 0/s
Stats are relative to the build 71729 of the game

Basic fabricator - wired to build structures.

Description Edit

A fabricator can build some buildings. In this case it can build the following:

The unit is weak and has no offensive or defensive weapon.

Built by Edit

Tips Edit

  • The Air fabricator is faster and can move over all terrain, however it builds slightly slower and uses more power to do so.
  • Use Air fabricators on LARGE planets. Your speed will cover the planet in Metal Extractors faster than any ground builder.
  • Do not build Air fabricators on Small planets. Use ground units (Bot Fabricators recommended for their all-terrain and quick turns) to build the Metal Extractors, then transport the builders away via a Teleport Gate.
  • For full efficieny, you need 1 Energy plant per mobile Air Fabricator (giving time for the batteries to recharge between movement) or 2 Energy plants per stationary Air Fabricator (supporting a factory build units).
  • Like all Aircraft it cannot use a Teleporter. Typically they stay on the planet they were built.

Curiosity Edit

  • Has two orientable jet engine for moving.
  • Remains in flight holding position for some seconds when it stops, then it lands vertically.
  • It has one nanite cannon for building.