Hummingbird UI Hummingbird icon
Metal cost Metal icon 180
Health points 200
Maximum range 100
Total damage/sec 80
Vision radius 150
Maximum speed 90
Acceleration 270
Braking rate 90
Turning rate 270
Number of weapons 1
Range 100
Damage Damage/sec 80
Single shot damage 80
Rate of fire 1/sec
Splash Area damage 0
Damage radius 0
Muzzle velocity 150
Energy consumption/shot Energy icon 0
Build points 0
Metal consumption Metal icon 0/s
Energy consumption Energy icon 0/s
Energy production Energy icon 0/s
Stats are relative to the build 71973 of the game

Fighter - Equipped with basic anti-air missiles.

Description Edit

This air unit is a fighter which can engage only air objectives (like other fighter or bombers). It's fast and is quite effective against basic air units. It has no land-offense weapons.

Built by Edit

Tips Edit

  • You can build some Hummingbirds and put them on area patrolling over you base. In this way they'll fly continuously over your base protecting you from enemy fireflies, fighters or bombers.
  • Fighters are sometimes used to replace scouts in their intelligence function due to their superior survivability. They have a better chance of coming back alive from an enemy base, however they have a less vision radius.
  • Fighters are usually used in groups. Individual fighters aren't very effective, particularly because it takes several passes to destroy enemy air units.